3d Printed Dice Masters (Set)


These are 3D printed masters intended to be used in mold making, not for direct gameplay. They are removed from the supports and fully cured before shipping, so no post curing is necessary. 

Each die is supported via bumpers (see pic for example) on the supporting edges, so that the removal of supports does not cause pits in the master that need more work. Plus the bumpers provide an easy high-water mark to make initial sanding easier!

All masters are printed on a Form3+ printer, at .05 micron layer height, in ClearV4 resin which makes sanding to a lens-like polish easier than opaque resins.

These prints are fragile, and can shatter if dropped or thrown.

  • All fonts are 100% free for commercial use, no need to worry about licensing or copyright
  • Raw prints will show slight artifact lines due to the laser printing process. these artifacts are typically just surface finish, which is why sanding is always recommended for dice masters.
  • Each die is scaled proportionally to a 20mm D20, which means the D20 is 20mm from flat face to opposing flat face, and the rest of the set are scaled appropriately to match that sizing.
  • Each number is inset to a depth of 1mm.
  • The D6 has its numbers rotated on the diagonal, instead of perpendicular to the edges.
  • Ambiguous numbers use dots to differentiate a 6 or 9 where necessary.
  • Set includes 8 dice, (D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20)

For individual dice masters, please see the INDIVIDUALS listing.

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Thanks for checking out my dice

I make these all by hand one set at a time in a small worksop I rent in the city. These dice are all very time consuming and if youre down here reading this, I just want to pause and say thank you for even looking at my work, let alone reading this far into the page. You're great.

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