arCobalt | Full Set

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Deep in the Ignus Refinery Colony on Thuna-7, a grizzled old one-eyed miner hears an unusual hollow thunk with one swing of his pick. A few exploratory swings later, a glint shines through the dark crack in the stone. A glasslike mineral, deep and blue and pure, yet somehow not pure. speckled with gleaming silver veins. Just like that, a new fuel source was finally discovered, and a miner found his ticket out of his family's poverty.


This is a deep blue transparent die, with interspersed silver leaf inclusions. Inked in a matte dusty dark granite.

Each set includes the '7 main RPG dice', meaning a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and a percentile die.

These dice are handmade by me, which means that each set is wholly unique and might come with some microtooling marks or polishing inconsistencies. We do everything we can to ensure the utmost level of consistency and quality, but my hands are only so steady.

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I make these all by hand one set at a time in a small worksop I rent in the city. These dice are all very time consuming and if youre down here reading this, I just want to pause and say thank you for even looking at my work, let alone reading this far into the page. You're great.